Animated PSA

National Geographic published a study of life statistics. Interesting by itself, I knew that it could reach a larger audience through an interesting public service announcement. I started with storyboards to come up with the kinetic type concept, and moved to Adobe Audition to work with audio from my hired voice over talent. From there, I created a timeline in After Effects and began to build my assets. Text was built directly in After Effects, while the other objects were imported from Illustrator and Photoshop.

Magazine Covers

The cover designs to the right were created for Home Cooking Magazine. Designed for a target audience of adults aged 35-55, the magazine features large and vibrant headlines and attention-getting callouts. From concept to completion, I took the role as photographer and designer. Using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6, I was able to edit my images and make them cover-worthy. The layout was created in InDesign.

Website Design

Stage 5 Staging is a leader in industrial theatre and live venue stage equipment. When creating their website, it had to be modern, but easy to use. The featured area on the homepage rotates with jQuery to show images from their most recent productions as well as include a customer testimonial to help build their business. As the designer and developer, I started building the design and wireframes in Adobe Illustrator. They were then sliced and exported to Dreamweaver, where this website was coded and uploaded.

Rebrand & Poster Design

Tasked with rebranding one of the oldest brands in clothing, Levi’s Jeans, my team wanted to create something new while preserving the old. For the new logo, we integrated the famous “pocket” and “V” for Levi’s together to create a bold and modern logo mark. As the team’s project manager, I utilized Google Drive to keep everybody in sync, as well as on task by managing time. I also took a role as the photographer and photo editor of the images you see on the right. We ended the campaign with these three posters to demonstrate how effective the new branding can be.

Interactive Magazine

Think Outside the Box

Publication layout has always been a passion of mine. The interactive PDF to the side was designed for use on the Apple iPad and iPad Mini, and could easily be converted into an app if necessary. I took the role of designer and copywriter for this project, using Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to achieve the best functionality. I took advantage of some new features inside InDesign CS6 to create alternate layouts in the same document to save time and achieve maximum efficiency.